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hedgehog with bright red blooms
Hedgehog cactus in bloom in a pot in our backyard.

I was surprised to see cacti in bloom in our lawn. I did not imagine August would be the time for this kind of elegance in the desert. It’s possible it’s the rain we have experienced? I’m understanding that in the Sonoran Desert, crops bloom during the year.

white bloom on cactus
This blossom is appropriate outside our front door. It is the initially matter I noticed on my morning wander.
white flower on cactus
hill in the sun during a rainstorm
We walked extra early because a rainstorm was headed our way. I loved how the hillside was touched with sunlight. It did rain on the way house, but it felt good.

Yesterday, one particular of my neighbors went with me to a framing retailer. She’s a watercolor artist. One working day when she was at our house, she claimed I needed to reframe a portray.

“But that’s the original frame,” I reported.

“That’s all right. A new frame will brighten up the portray. Appropriate now the frame cuts off the portray and helps make it glimpse darkish.”

I invited her to accompany me to the framing retailer. She of course has far better awareness in frames than me.

Lawrence Hinkley oil painting
This is the original frame. The portray is by Lawrence Hinkley, who was married to my husband’s excellent aunt.
Lawrence Hinkley painting.
Right here is the similar painting devoid of the body in the framing keep. I can’t hold out to get it back with its new search. It’s definitely brighter, do not you assume?

We gained the painting from my husband’s grandfather before he handed absent. I have treasured it and imagined it would be sacrilegious to reframe it.

I did a google look for of the artist Lawrence Hinckley and uncovered out heaps of intriguing things. He was born in 1900 in Fillmore, California. He created a studio referred to as “The Artists Barn” that captivated internationally renowned artists and visitors. Hinkley also labored in ceramics and created an elephant piggy bank named Fundo for a women’s Republican group in Santa Barbara.

From a news write-up I found on-line from the Fillmore Gazette:

As Mildred Hinckley in her e book “The Artists Barn”, “The outcome was a cuddly minimal elephant about 6 inches lengthy and 50 percent as substantial, with a tummy fat adequate to keep a ton of dimes and quarters. His title was “Fundo”…On his white back was printed in red and blue, “Peace, Prosperity, and G.O.P.” Production of Fundo had just began then President Eisenhower suffered a heart assault. The Club requested that Fundo be sent to the President in the clinic. Lawrence individually decorated on, adding the standard inscription “For Ike” and “Get Perfectly Soon.” I wrapped Ike’s Fundo and mailed it to the clinic.

Mildred went on to compose, “On the early morning of November 11, Lawrence was downtown and stopped in a café for a cup of coffee….When he opened the Los Angeles Examiner and began studying the guide story below a double column headline he virtually spilled his consume. It read in element, ” …… all through his health issues, it was discovered, [President Eisenhower] has been persuading visitors to his eighth-flooring clinic place to set a little something into his individually sponsored kitty, an elephant produced of crockery with a slot for the deposit of money…..” page/fulfill-artist-lawrence-hinckley

My husband informed me that Hinckley also labored for Disney and painted some of the backgrounds of the basic flicks. All through World War II, he labored for Douglas Aircraft on complex drawings and charts.

I truly feel like I’ve found treasures including the record of my husband’s artist relative and the blossoming cacti.

Have a fantastic weekend!

What treasures or tiny pleasures have you liked this 7 days?


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