US mum’s controversial parenting style, including paying rent at 16, sparks intense debate online


Nonetheless, a lot of ended up overwhelmingly supportive of Fawna’s plan to charge young people lease from a young age, praising it as a “genius” way to set them up for when they move out and to educate them duty.

“I like the rent notion. Will make them dependable with their $$,” 1 chipped in.

“Hire rule is genius,” claimed a next.

“I like [the rules] and I’m a teen,” a third included.

“My mom built me fork out hire at 17 while sharing a room with my sister. She compensated her charges with that, even so, the most effective educational knowledge for me,” yet another shared, with a fifth weighing in: “The lease strategy is actually wonderful.”

Instead of charging rent, one proposed placing up a cost savings account  for the child and demanding them to deposit a certain volume of revenue into it on a regular foundation. Other folks questioned how considerably rent Fawna would be charging her young children and if they will be aware from the get-go that the dollars will sooner or later be returned to them.

Fawna’s other policies had been also applauded, with one person noting that her “early early morning boundaries” are a excellent plan for moms and dads to guard their “very own psychological health”.

“My daughter is 14 and we allow her cuss as long as she doesn’t do it excessively or disrespectfully to us,” one more shared.

“Have faith in me, dad and mom know when you determine to cuss ‘disrespectfully’, they are pretty various contexts,” assured an additional user, to which Fawna replied: “Information!”

Followers of Fawna’s strategies have been calling for extra information on her parenting design and style, which she obliged with a next online video. In the stick to-up clip, which has gained nearly 25,000 sights, she in-depth “alarm clock instruction”, obtaining them comfortable in the kitchen from an early age, and educating the young children to do laundry so they’re self-sufficient with chores from the age of 10. 


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