How To Know If You Are Pregnant Or Not?

For the majority of the women, they realize that they are pregnant after they miss their period. While it is one of the definite signs of pregnancy, you can also miss your period for other reasons. Let’s take a look at some of the early signs of pregnancy. Remember that if you experience some of the symptoms mentioned in this article, it does not mean that you are pregnant. The only way to make sure is to grab a pregnancy test kit at a department store and check.

Mood swings 

Pregnant women frequently complain of mood swings. If you have been experiencing heavy mood swings lately, it can be a sign that you are pregnant, since these mood swings are caused by changes in the hormone level.

Morning Sickness Or Nausea 

Have you been feeling sick in the morning a lot? Craving a lot of sweets or chocolates? Pregnant women are often hit with nausea.


It is another common sign of pregnancy. This happens due to low blood pressure and low sugar levels in your body.


Constipation is a major problem faced by women during conception. If you never had constipation before, you may experience constipation after conceiving. This is largely due to the release of high levels of progesterone. The food passes more slowly through the intestines, causing you to feel constipated. You can drink lots of water and exercise during this time.


Many women are mistake spotting for periods. But you should know that while periods takes place for a duration of 4-5 days, spotting generally does not happen for long. The bleeding in spotting only occurs for a day or two that too very little blood is discharged. This bleeding in medical records is known as implantation bleeding.

Along with spotting, you may also experience cramps, which is not as severe as period cramps.

White Discharge

After conceiving, some women may notice a white discharge from their vagina, which is not a cause of worry. It merely means that the walls of your uterus is expanding and is preparing your body for birth.

The white discharge generally has no smell, but if you notice a fishy smell along with the discharge and experience itchiness, you may need to consult a doctor. You may have contracted a yeast infection in this case.


Feeling tired all the time is also an early sign of pregnancy. The hormone progesterone is making you feel low all the time. The only way to stop feeling so tired all the time is to have a diet that is rich in iron and protein. Also, getting plenty of rest helps!

How Many Months Pregnant Are You?

It can get quite confusing with all the weeks and trimesters involved in pregnancy; hence many women use pregnancy calendar to keep track of their pregnancy. The pregnancy month calculator helps you calculate the number of months you have been pregnant. Likewise, you can use the weeks’ calculator to see how many weeks you have been carrying your little one.