The Perfect Guide To Buying Baby’s First Shoes

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For every mother, shopping for their baby’s wardrobe is a priority after childbearing. Most women even go as far as stocking the nursery with designers clothes, shoes, feeding towels, and napkins. It is not bad to pay considerable attention to what your child would wear and how he/she looks. However, knowing the right way to go about it, to avoid regretting getting the wrong item is why I wrote this piece.

The walking phase for every child is a major milestone for his/her parents. The parenting section of EGO Shoes consists of reviews from mothers when buying their baby’s first shoe. This is a crucial decision in ensuring the child’s first few steps insist set on the wrong foot. Of course, we were all at very tender ages in our life, and I bet our parents read this guide before shopping.

Look Around 

Except you are shopping online, at which you would need to surf through various websites, you need to look around to weigh your options. Sitting at the comfort of your home while you expect the right pair of shoes knocking on your door would not work. It gets even worse when you have no idea what you are looking out for.

Walk into a couple of kids’ stores, check out the shoes they have, prices and designs. Sometimes, you necessary do not have to have the entire purchase amount to scan through the store. Peradventure, you walk into the store at a time when kiddies wears are on sales. This helps you save some extra bucks for other things.

Shop At The Right Time 

It would be totally inappropriate for a nursing mother to on any kind of shopping when the child isn’t fed or cleaned up properly. Ensure you have successfully fed your child and keep him/her in a happy mood before heading out. Also, shopping at times when the crowd is light and the mall or store isn’t filled with people is the best. This way you can move around freely and also have access to more shoe options.

Start With Socks 

Before jumping into buying more than one pair of shoes for the kid, try wearing them with a soft clean sock to start. Because a shoe covers most aspects of the child’s feet, it is difficult for air to dwell on the foot. The use of breathing socks also prevents the feet from getting sweaty. The pair of socks you want to go for at the end of the day should not be stuffy.

Monitor The Child’s Movement 

It is okay to have gone for the wrong pair of shoes initially and change them afterward. However, the only way you can notice the mistake is by watching the child walk. When a baby walks for the first time, his/her steps aren’t as solid as they can be. Regardless, further irregular movements or imbalance could also be caused by the wrong pair of shoes. When you notice these things, quickly take the shoes from the child and get a new one. Failure to do this might affect the child’s walking in the process.